Dog sitter near me_ How to find the best dog watchers for your next vacation_1200x675.jpg Dog Sitter Near Me: How To Find The Best Dog Watchers For Your Next Vacation Finding reliable pet care for when you’re away from home is an important part of planning a vacation. Many pet owners have already decided that pet sitting is the alternative to kennels and dog boarding that they’ve been looking for. But how do you find dog watchers — one that’s right for you, and your... READ MORE Doggies in Town_ article_Millennials are having dogs instead of children_1200 x 675 Why Are Millennials Choosing Dogs Over Having Children? According to studies, 44% of the millennials are seeing their dogs as a surrogate to children, meaning almost half of the millennials are choosing to own a dog instead of having children. READ MORE Article_Best apps for dogs and their owners_Doggies in Town Apps For Dogs: In Search Of The Best Application Do you want an app that has everything you need for you and your dog? We created a list with the best applications to get to know everything about breeds, walking routes, dog care and even the possibility to locate other dogs near you, available for both Android and iOS. READ MORE No Bake Dog Treats Dessert and Cake 5 No Bake Dog Treats, Dessert And Cake Recipes Is it your dog's birthday or has your furry friend been very good? Give him a delicious dog treat with these sweets, desserts and homemade cakes for dogs without having to use your oven. READ MORE The Best Dog Training Books To Read - Doggies in Town The Best Dog Training Books To Read To help you understand your canine friend a little better, we have spoken with our Canine Trainer in Malaga to recommend the best dog training books that you can find on Amazon. READ MORE How a Dog Wheelchair Can Help Your Dog - Article - Doggies in Town How A Dog Wheelchair Can Help Your Dog If your dog has mobility issues then a dog wheelchair may be the best solution. We want you to know that physical limitations are not the end to mobility. Many people do not know that dog wheelchairs even exist. READ MORE Doggies in Town - article - What distance can you walk with your dog_ 1200 x 675 How Many Times Per Day Should You Walk Your Dog? Did you know that walking your dog twice per day could be bad for his health? Don't worry, because depending on their breed, age and circumstances we are going to explain how many times per day you should walk your dog to maintain a healthy lifestyle. READ MORE Top-5-Dog-Influencers-On-Instagram-In-Spain-Doggies-in-Town-Herry-Bimba-Dog-Influencers-1024x576 Top 5 Dog Influencers On Instagram In Spain Love dogs? Then you must follow these dog influencers on Instagram ccounts! READ MORE Top-5-brands-for-dog-food-in-Spain-Doggies-in-Town-1024x576 Top 5 Brands For Dog Food In Spain Doesn’t your furry friend deserve the best and don’t we all love to spoil them? We've listed some of our favorite luxury dog gifts for your dog, right here. READ MORE How-Service-Dogs-Can-Help-People-With-Disabilities-Doggies-in-Town-1024x576 How Service Dogs Can Help People With Disabilities Service dogs are trained to assist people with disabilities, improving their daily life and allowing them to participate in day to day activities. Here's a list of the disabilities that service dogs can help with. READ MORE

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