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Our mission

Bringing everyday smiles to the lives of dogs and dog owners by offering the best range of dog friendly places, activities, events, products and services.

About Us - Founding Team - Rafael Lopez, Jessie Akkermans, Julien de Waal - Doggies in Town

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Dog owners




Market size


Market growth till 2026

Top advisors

Starbucks Co-Founder, CEO of Aller Petfood and Ex-PetSmart

22 years

Founders combined entrepreneurial experience

Our team

Jessie Akkermans

Julien de Waal - COO of Doggies in Town - About Us - Team-min

Julien de Waal

Rafael Lopez Manas - CTO of Doggies in Town - About Us - Team-min

Rafael López Mañas


Rafael Cruz

Raquel Martinez - Social Media Manager of Doggies in Town - About Us - Team

Raquel Martínez

Javier Bermúdez - SEO, Content & Blog Leader of Doggies in Town - About Us - Team

Javier Bermúdez


Our advisors

Zev Siegl


Henriette Bylling


Kelly Field-Darragh


Lassi Lankinen


Pauline Siu


Our partners


“Doggies in Town has a talented team with business experience”
Zev Siegl
New venture advisor

Dog owners

“Doggies in Town is tapping into a major gap in the market”
Henriette Bylling
CEO of Aller Petfood
Luis Manuel Halcon Guardiola
Co-Founder & CEO Petplan
“Doggies in Town creates the opportunity to easily reach dog owners”
Dom Einhorn
“I can’t wait for the app to launch, so I finally know where I can go with my dog”
Dog lover & owner
“When I’m with friends I don’t know to which places we can go and bring our dogs”
Dog lover & owner


Equity crowdfunding is the process where people, the crowd can invest in Doggies in Town in exchange for shares in Doggies in Town. As a shareholder you have partial ownership of Doggies in Town and you will stand to profit when we do well.

To accelerate our product development, improving our SaaS & App based on customer feedback as well as introducing new features, including a direct booking feature, an event feature & to grow our community of dog owners & businesses.

We will be offering investors a range of exclusive rewards alongside the equity they receive for their investment. Further details of these will be revealed at the time of the launch.

You can invest from €5 and up. We have an investment cap and once it is reached nobody else can invest.

One way you can make money from your investment is by selling your shares for more than you paid for it.  Once our company reaches IPO, is bought by a larger company, or the company management buy back equity from investors, at that point, you’ll be able to sell your shares. Depending on growth, dividends paid out by Doggies in Town could be another way for you to make a return on investment.

Yes, all customers who have registered their interest via our pre-register page will be exclusively invited to a private launch, prior to the public launch.

We expect to go live end of May 2021. When you fill in the form on our pre-register page you will be the first to know the exact date!

Anybody over the age of 18 years and legally entitled to invest. Unfortunately, local laws prohibit residents of the US, Canada and Japan from investing through Crowdcube’s platform.

Pre-registering does not commit you to anything. However, you will have exclusive access to invest in Doggies in Town when we open privately. We have an investment cap and once it is reached nobody else can invest.

To become a shareholder in Doggies in Town

  • Register your interest by signing up completing the form of this page:  (name, email)
  • Sign up and create an account on 
  • Keep track of email updates about when the campaign will go live
  • Be ready to invest when our share offer goes live

We will be announcing the raise amount close to the launch of the crowdfunding equity campaign.

Yes, all investors invest based on the same terms & valuation.

Your investment will allow us to accelerate product development and grow our community of dog owners & businesses.

We will be developing several new features for both dog owners and businesses incl.

  • Direct booking system – allowing dog owners to directly book a hotel/accommodation or reserve a restaurant or dog service (veterinarian, groomer, dog walker etc.)
  • Events – allowing dog owners to organize and attend community organized events.

We are going to increase our metrics the coming months, so we will announce the valuation close to the crowdfunding campaign launch.

We will be using one of the best reputed crowdfunding platforms called Crowcube.

Crowdcube is a crowdfunding equity platform. Crowdcube acts as an intermediary between investors and companies. They hold investors’ funds in escrow until the round ends successfully, then transfer equity to the investors by sending a share certificate and the funds raised to the company.

COVID-19 actually created new opportunities for us

  1. Dog ownership has increased due to Covid-19 and demand for dogs soared
  2. There has been a rise in local tourism due to Covis-19, local stores need more local customers to survive and dog owners always go out.
  3. The above two points gave us more opportunity, but we want to make sure to even out the risk, so our sales & marketing efforts are focused on acquiring 50% offline/physical businesses & 50% online businesses.

If you invest in a business on Crowdcube you will become a shareholder in that company. In most cases your shares will be held on for you by Crowdcube Nominees Limited. The amount you invest, and the equity issued/number of shares bought will determine your percentage of ownership in the business. Once your investment has been processed, you will be sent a share certificate.

As a platform approved and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, Crowdcube reviews and approves every pitch on the website to ensure that all the information presented to the crowd is fair, clear and not misleading.

Crowdcube has conducted thorough due diligence in Doggies in Town, its legal structure and directors using leading third-party providers such as Creditsafe, Experian and Onfido. Crowdcube also verifies evidence supporting any claims being made by the business such as market size, contracts and partnerships to ensure the information provided is accurate. The process can take between 3-4 weeks, sometimes longer if the company or raise is complicated.

You will officially be a Doggies in Town shareholder once the round has closed and the cooling-off period is over! When you become a shareholder in Doggies in Town, you will own a piece of our company and are entitled to exclusive investor rewards. If you register your interest now, we’ll let you know when the private launch goes live. You can register here.

This is your time

Register your interest now!

Become a co-owner in Doggies in Town

* Capital at risk